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    What is a BRAND CHAMPION? First and foremost, you have to love our brand and our style has to resonate with you. If you saw 14 Sticks Golf clothing for sale at your local pro shop, would you buy it? Being a BRAND CHAMPION is more than that though. Our BRAND CHAMPIONS are also influential in the golf arena. Have an active social media presence? Work at a golf course? Trying to become a professional golfer? Our BRAND CHAMPIONS receive several perks such as the ability to earn money, discounted gear, early access to new merchandise, features on our website and social media pages and much more! If you want to be a BRAND CHAMPION, please click here to complete the form




    Will is from and continues to reside in Charlotte, NC. You probably recognize Will from his 2 appearances on The Big Break. Will competed on Indian Wells and NFL Puerto Rico. Will is currently spending his time playing on various tours such as the PGA Latin Tour and The Advocates Golf Tour. When he is not playing competitive golf, Will spends his time volunteering for The First Tee and traveling the country for various celebrity golf tournaments. Will is known as the "cross-handed golfer" for his unique grip. We are excited to have Will as part of the team and look forward to watching him achieve his dream of playing on the PGA Tour one day soon!




    Mike is originally from Long Island, NY and now resides in sunny South Florida. He graduated from the Professional Golf Management Program at Coastal Carolina University in 2011, which is when he turned pro. Mike hopes to play on the PGA Tour one day and has recorded multiple mini tour victories.

    In his own words: My story with 14 Sticks began with the Bogey Talk Podcast around October ‘17. I reached out to Jordan and the 14 Sticks brand after I heard about them on the podcast, and they have been nothing but supportive, honest, and passionate about not only growing the brand, but growing the game of golf through their apparel. These qualities just add to the quality of their shirts, and is definitely something I can get on board with. Becoming a 14 Sticks “Brand Champion” is an honor, something I will not take lightly, and look forward to representing on and off the golf course. #Brogey #TrapKing #BirdiesOnMyMind #TipsyTuesday