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    14 Sticks evolved from numerous golf rounds, beers and casual conversations about golf apparel. Whether it’s playing golf, watching golf or thinking about golf, we’re pretty much addicted. Our obsession with golf is equally matched by our obsession with cool, unique golf clothing. We didn’t feel that there was a brand that was truly bringing the two together, so we created 14 Sticks Golf. Our apparel is designed with the modern, trendy golfer in mind. Scientifically proven to make you have more fun, look cooler and possibly lower your handicap!

    The Name

    In golf, players are only allowed to carry a maximum of 14 sticks in their bag. Most players choose these 14 sticks wisely, as best they can. We feel that you should choose your clothes the same way; wisely.

    For the player who chooses his clothes as carefully as he chooses his sticks.