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Welcome to the NEW 14 Sticks. We decided to celebrate and bring our golf addiction to you with some fresh new apparel that relates to all golfers across the globe. We are 2 former Professional baseball players with an enormous passion for the game of golf after our careers. After baseball we fell in love with Golf and never looked back. We are constantly surrounded by players of ALL LEVELS. Our brand was built for all golfers who share the same passion we do for good products, comfortable apparel, and chasing a scratch golf score.

The Name

By rule (USGA - Rule 4.1b to be exact), players are only allowed to carry a maximum of 14 clubs in their bag. Most players choose these 14 "sticks" wisely, and make sure they're properly fitted. Our brand is for the players who'd like their shirts to match their sticks, chosen wisely and fit properly.

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